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Trixie FireCracker
12 July 2008 @ 03:19 pm
Well, Ken's wedding is over and done with.  I didn't really finish my speech, but that's ok, cause I ended up doing it with Patrick and my side of the speech was the best.  The dress was finally finished...the day before the wedding!  I did such a crapass job on the hemming, but I didn't care.  I mean, who was going to inspect the hem??  So in the end, the dress was a success and I got a lot of compliments on it.  I had freaked out that the dress was too tight, but then I tried the dress on without the bra and the tightness was gone.  So I ended up not wearing a bra with it.  Yay, now I can return the bra and come out even in the sense that I didn't have to spend any money on under garments that I probably won't be able to wear after the baby is born.

I had asked Brett how old he was when he got married.  He was only 24.  I did the math and The Bitch was 22 at the time.  On the ferry ride over to Vancouver I tried to figure out when they had met and how long they dated for before they got married.  I didn't want to ask Brett about it, cause I didn't want him to assume I was asking him solely for the purpose of expecting him to pop the question after the same amount of time they had dated.  I think they met in 2001, when Brett was 22 and The Bitch was 20.  Dated for 2 years before they got married.  If memory serves me well, Brett had said that they weren't even married for a year when he found out that she was cheating on him.  And I think he left her in 2004, when he was 25.  He could've left her in 2005, I'm not sure.  But he had told Diana that he was with The Bitch for 4 years in total.

I had also asked Brett how he decided to ask The Bitch to marry him and why.  He was a bit reluctant to tell me, I'm not sure if it's cause he knows it makes me feel uncomfortable and gets me thinking, or what.  But he said that they had agreed to get married one night while on GHB!!  So they were high as a freakin' kite!  Then he said they both thought that they were the one for each other and that they were certain that this was it.  Brett claimed that he was young and stupid.  I don't know what to think.

I had brought up the fact that we both think that we are right for each other and that we both think we are it for each other.  Does he think any differently??  Does he think it's true?
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Trixie FireCracker
06 April 2008 @ 12:00 am
Earlier this evening I had a realization of what the rest of my life will be like:  I will be stuck at home (aka: prison) taking care of my baby, while Brett is at work or while he's off hanging out with his friends cause he at least has some here in damn Victoria.  He just doesn't understand how lonely I am, or how much time I actually spend at home.  Even though I went for a walk today and went and bought groceries, I realized that the extend of where I go is very, very limited.  If I'm not going to the freakin' market, then I'm walking the other way on Cook Street.  There's really no where else that I go.  And all the places that I want to go are so far away, and I just don't trust the bus system here in Victoria.  They actually have the stupidest system known to man.  Why can't they be more people/user friendly and be able to help you trip plan?

Brett got all mad/upset and just plain doesn't understand why I got upset at him tonight for being at Mike's house so late.  I knew that he was going there after work to watch the hockey game.  A part of me was upset that he didn't come home at 9pm like he said he would, more of my being upset was about the fact that he got to hang out with a friend, that he gets to go somewhere and get out of the damn house.  He just doesn't seem to understand that he's basically the only friend that I have here.  When the idea first came to me to move to Victoria, I thought maybe I would be hanging out with Tallboy a lot.  Well, she's never in town and when she is, well she has a life of her own.  A lot of it I just don't want to be a part of anyways, since I'm not a pot smoker and the smell of cigarettes makes me want vomit.

I have a serious case of cabin fever.  And it sucks even more that I don't have a steady income coming in and so I'm broke at the moment, and it seems that everything there is to do costs money.  I find myself trying to fill my time...either with knitting or crocheting.  I find it even harder to make friends here.  My one way that I thought would help me, which is making friends through work, proved to be pointless and fruitless.  I'm starting to wish that I should never have moved out of Vancouver.  I should've made Brett move, not me.  And now it feels like I'm paying for my mistake.

If I don't die from loneliness, I could possibly die from boredom.  My days are all the same.  Even if I was working.  All i do is wake up in the morning, watch Food Network, eat breakfast, putt around on the computer all afternoon, take a shower, do dishes, wait for Brett to get home, eat dinner, watch TV and putt around on the computer some more, go to bed.  Next day, I do it all over again.  Sometimes I go to the Market.  Sometimes I go the other way on Cook Street and head over to the Starbucks or to walk along the water.  But most days I just stay home with my only time of going outside is to check the mail or to sit on the bench in front of the house and just stare at nothing...realizing just how boring my life is...and wondering how the fuck I even got to this point.  This is not how I imagined my life to be.
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Trixie FireCracker
04 April 2008 @ 10:54 am
Not working is a catch-22...I enjoy not working and being able to rest and concentrate of being healthy for my growing baby - but at the same time I hate not having an income coming in.  It's only the beginning of April and I think I'm almost broke.  I think I can make next months rent, but for the rest of this month I'm going to have to put myself on a budget and be very careful with my spending.  I'm going to have to be very frugal if I want to make it through April without having to call my financial advisor.  But with that said, that doesn't mean I can pay for all of my bills...especially my student loans.

Also, on another note, I said that not working has allowed me to concentrate on being healthy and doing the stuff that I want to do before the baby is born.  Well, I kinda got the healthy part down, but the doing the stuff that I want to do....well...not so down.  There is so much sewing, knitting, crocheting, and crafting that I want to do.  But I just feel so unmotivated and so lazy to do anything about it.  Even though I went to FabricLand a few weeks ago and bought some fabric, and when I was in Vancouver last weekend I went crazy in Dressew and bought even more fabric and notions to make clothes and crafts.  Not to mention that I have this huge bag full of yarn for projects that I want to do.  I thought that once the weather got nicer that I would be more energized and motivated to do something productive with my time.  Instead, all I do is watch TV and be on the computer all day.

So I have a new goal for this month.  I am not allowed to buy any more fabric, yarn or notions until I use up what I have now.  I don't want what happened last time to happen again.  I must learn from my mistakes.  I don't want my projects to pile up and a few years from now I'll forget what i was going to do with the yarn/fabric and end up throwing/donating it.  Before I moved in with Brett, I had sooo much crap and fabric that I had a panic attack about what to do with it all.  The only thing I am allowed to buy this month will be wool sweaters for felting, since I don't have any.  And if i want to use up the notions that I have bought, well I need the felted wool in order to do so.

The project list that I must stick to:
  • Knitted dishcloths galore!!  I have 10 skeins of yarn that I had bought a long time ago with dishcloths in mind...better use them up!
  • Finish my crochet teal clutch.  I only have the lining to put in and the ribbon.  I should at least finish one project!
  • Finish the olive green with bamboo handle clutch.  This is what I was going to start selling once I finish it and show it to friends.
  • Finish the crochet bear/bunny that I had started from the Stitch 'N Bitch books.
  • Sew the striped dress shirt from the fabric I got at FabricLand.
  • The pink plaid seersucker shirt or dress...whatever i have enough fabric for.
  • The off-white with red and yellow flowers shirt or dress...again, whatever I have enough fabric for.
  • A top with white fabric with the green and yellow flowers fabric as the accent.
  • Blue linen dress with the fabric I got from Dressew.
  • Black top.
  • Yellow top...possibly with a contrast inset.
  • Fabric boxes
  • Tissue holder
  • Aprons
  • Start a blog
I figure this is the first week of April...I already have a few dishcloths done.  If I can get one project done per week, then I'm all good to go!  And who know, maybe getting projects done will motivate me  to keep sewing, knitting, crocheting, and crafting...and maybe, just maybe, I might even get an actual project done!!
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Trixie FireCracker
16 March 2008 @ 12:14 am
I'm still pissed off.  And have been doing some thinking.  Such as, if I have to raise this baby by myself, it'll be ok.  I can always move back to Nelson, even though that's the last place on earth I want to be.  But since my parents and the rest of my family is there, I know I will have the support I need.

I also came to the realization that maybe Brett and I moved in way too quickly.  We hadn't even spent more than a week together before we moved in together.  So how did we know if this was a good idea or not??  After Chris, I had told and promised myself that I would never move in with a boyfriend unless we've been dating for a few years.  Well, with Brett it was only after a few months.  I should've kept to the word I made to myself.  Or at least I should've moved to Victoria and lived on my own first and see how Brett and I would be living in the same town together.  I think us moving in so fast was too much for us.  We are still in the getting to know each other stage and in most relationships you would be going on lots of dates in order to do that.  We never really had a proper string of dates.  It was just both of us jumping in head first.  And now, with a baby on the way, I think it has strained the relationship even more so.  Just cause I think Brett would make a good dad, how do I honestly know??  So far, the promises he has made me have never actually been put into motion.  He promised to cut down on his drinking, well...I highly doubt last night's downing of 5 beers is cutting down.  And I'm sure, since he's run off to Mike's (his better half by the way, I'm sure he would rather be in a relationship with Mike than me, considering how he's constantly running to the arms of Mike), I'm sure he's drinking right now as I type.  I personally think Brett regrets moving out of Mike's and wishes that he still lived there.  He goes over as much as he possibly can, if he's not at Mike's, then he's always at Moxies. 

I honestly thought Brett was "The One" for me, but now...I'm not so sure.  I know in life we will have our stressful moments and so, and with a child in the picture, there will be tons of moments where we'll be knee-deep in turmoil.  Does that mean everytime Brett can't handle it, or everytime he gets stressed out he'll be running to Mike's??  Will he even be around??  Or will he just dread coming home to the ball-and-chain and the wallet guzzling kid?  Will he just be a permanent fixture on Mike's couch?  Or, will he just resort to beer?  Hell, that's what he does now.  Beer and Mike.

If this is how he reacts now, how will he react when I go into labour?

I've been thinking about adoption...I don't know why. 

I need to stop dating men that are emotionally unavailable, emotionally abusive, men that need to have that beer, men that pick their friends over their girlfriends and/or prioritize their girlfriends last on the list.

I'm sure all this excess stress and anxiety that Brett constantly puts me under isn't healthy for the baby.  I thought I was doing so well with the no smoking thing...but the past few weeks, I feel like I could kill someone for a cigarette.  Sometimes I get so pissed off, all I want to do is bash something in.

I can't believe the one person that I need support from right now is off drinking with his boyfriend.  What the fuck was that talk he was giving me last weekend about how he's sorry that he was being so selfish and that he knows that the one person I wanted support from wasn't giving it to me?  I should've known that his word wouldn't be kept for long...he sticks with something for a few hours or a day and then he forgets.

He claims that he wants in...well he hasn't proved it.  I mean, what is he doing to show that he wants to be a part of this??
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Trixie FireCracker
06 March 2008 @ 12:47 pm
Big fight last night.  Resulted in me packing a suitcase and leaving.  Brett didn't even try to come after me, or even try to find me.  I didn't know the number for a cab company and was waiting for one to drive by.  I ended up at Tracy's.  I don't even remember going there.  But I showed up, in tears, completely distressed.  I vented.  It was nice to say everything without being interrupted and without judgement.

After awhile, Tracy ended up calling Brett to come pick me up and just take me home, as it was quite obvious that pregnancy hormones were going crazy and I was just beyond exhausted.  Turns out that my prediction of Brett being with Mike was right.  He was at Moxie's (I take it Mike was at work) eating chicken wings.  When Tracy asked him to come pick me up, he simply said he couldn't.  It completely pissed me off that chicken wings were more important than his distressed pregnant girlfriend.  Then today I found out that Brett had no intentions of even picking me up from Tracy's.  His reasoning:  I was only a few blocks away from home.

Not impressed.  And that completely pisses me off.

Now I realize that I'm basically and pretty much on my own from now on.  I can't rely on anyone but myself.  The one person that I thought I could count on has let me down.  Actually, the one person that I thought I could rely on has proved that I can't.  So from now on, I'm just going to have to do everything myself.  If Brett wants to help out, then that's just fine.  But now I know I can't depend on him.
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Trixie FireCracker
05 March 2008 @ 02:32 pm
Today I got pissed off at Brett.  His so-called friend, Sven, or whatever the hell her name is, messaged him on MSN to tell him congrats on being a daddy.  I had no idea that he even told her.  Or that he even talked to her.  Then Brett couldn't understand why I was upset.  He just doesn't get it, no girl wants to know about a pst ex, a past girlfriend, a person that was once intimate with your current boyfriend.  Yes, it was in the past, but that still doesn't hide the fact that he used to like her more than a friend.  That he used to have sex with her.  That she used to do certain things with him.  That he had feelings for her.  If it was in the past, then keep it in the past!!  As the current girlfriend, you just don't want to know about the ex's.  It makes too many questions arise, too many thoughts running through your head, too many ideas that you think may happened or has happened that you really don't want to invision go through your mind.  

I mean, why does she keep messaging him??  Is he encouraging it??  Is he talking to her for her to keep coming back?  Obviously there are still feelings there.  Why else would she keep trying to contact Brett when there has been no response in the past?  That's why I just don't like this at all.  Brett claims that she's halfway around the world.  Then how would he know that?  Obviously cause he talked to her.  Well i hope she stays whever the fuck she is.  That's all I have to say to that.

Brett asked why it bugs me so much that a friend messages him to congratulate him.  It's not just any friend.  It was a past lover.  A past romantic interest.  A past that should just stay in the past!!  He asked if it was cause I was worried that he would run off with her or something.  Just cause he says it won't happen, doesn't mean it won't.  Who knows, if she was back in Victoria and he saw her again, whatever caught his attention in the first place could catch his eye again and peek his interest.  Damn bitch knows he has a girlfriend and yet she still insists on trying to contact him.  Being a girl myself, I know that there is only one reason why you would keep messaging a boy that you once dated, even though he has never messaged back - and that is to keep you in his mind.  Girls are always playing that game with guys that they used to date and still have feelings for, even though the relationship didn't work out and the guy has moved on.  When girls still have feelings for the guy, they'll make sure that they are always in the picture somehow.  Whether it be to email them, text message, MSN, Facebook, or randomly show up around their usual hang outs.

Not only is this pregnancy causing my hormones to run amok (and not only do I have an excessive amounts of hormones in general making me go crazy and be overly emotional), but I never did trust other girls when it comes to boyfriends.  Sure, Brett may claim that he wouold never do that, but never say never.  How many men have I dated that have disappeared on me??  How many men did I date that were also dating other girls at the same time?  How many men did I date that decided to jump ship with me cause they met someone else that kept their interest??  How many scum bags and douches have I dated that claim that they weren't that type of guy, just to find out that they were in the end??

I know a lot of times it's a girl thing.  I remember talking to my friends about this, and they all agreed with me...what's the point in talking to an ex???  You are ex's for a reason.  Keep the past in the past.  Girls never want to keep in contact with their ex's, the only time they do want to keep in contact is when feelings are still harboring and you want to keep that person in your life still in case a) they come to their senses and want to rekindle the relationship; or b) to keep tabs on the person to find out how well they do in the next and following relationships - solely for comparison reasons.

Meanwhile, guys are either too naive or just don't care and keep in contact with all ex's, regardless of how well or how bad the relationship ended.  Not to mention regardless of how the girl treated them when they were dating.  Men just don't understand the female point of view in all of this.  I've tried to explain to Brett, but he just doesn't get it.  It's not that I don't trust him, but what guy wouldn't prefer an exotic foreigner or some blonde haired blue eyed chick over a simple brunette??
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Trixie FireCracker
04 March 2008 @ 02:06 pm
There are so many things that I'm worrying about lately.  I just can't seem to get them out of my mind.  Things that I'm being a worrywart about:
  • My job
  • Getting a new job while being almost 3 months into my pregnancy
  • Money
  • Where Brett and I and the baby will live
  • Getting all the things that we need for the baby
  • Whether Brett will be able to help out with buying some of the baby goods
  • Will Brett be able to handle the stresses of having a baby?
I know we have until October, that's 7 months from now, to get everything done and in order.  But I just think that it's never too late to start saving up for the baby and to kinda get ahead of the game while we can.  I also know that there is nothing we can do about where we are going to live until the baby is born...well, according to Brett and Tracy.  I'm just a little worried about having the baby in our current place and the amount of laundry that we will eventually accumulate from not only ourselves, but from having the change the baby so many times a day...the burp cloths, towels, and bedding.  I'm also very sad and a little upset that we won't be able to get into a new place before I give birth, cause it's very important for a new mother to get the baby's room all ready to go and decorated.  It'll be something that I'll miss out on.  Again, story of my life. 

I'm worried about my current job...about having to go back after my medical leave is over.  I really don't want to go back to a job that I dispise with all my being.  Not only that, but having a manager that doesn't listen and is so beyong uncompassionate is quite difficult during this time.  I don't want to have to deal with closes, since they already make me stressed out to the max and quite overly anxious.  I don't need to be any more stressed and anxious than I already am during my pregnancy.  I also don't want to have to worry about the smells, chemicals, and manual labor things that I will have to do.  If I can only get that government job that I was told about how long ago??  Grrr....

Which brings me to a new job...I think that if I don't get one soon, then not only would I have to go back to Starbucks when my medical leave is over, but it would also be too late to start a new job.  I'm already 2 and a half months into my pregnancy, and it's only a matter of weeks before I start to show.  It would be nice to have my first trimester over, and maybe then I'll be back to normal.  Or at least have my energy back.  Now that would be uber nice!  But if I did get an interview for a new job, would I have to tell them that I'm pregnant?

Then I thought about what if I didn't get a new job and could no longer continue being on medical leave?  Not only would EI be completely crap for pay, how else am I going to save money??  How is this baby going to get all the things it needs?  How am Brett and I going to live?

I still worry about Brett, and this whole idea of having a baby.  Travis told me that Brett would do the right thing and will do what he has to.  Does that also include staying with me cause I'm the mother of his child??  I don't want him to feel obligated to stay with me, nor do I want him to pretend that we are a family when really all he wants is out. 
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Trixie FireCracker
02 March 2008 @ 10:04 pm
I don't know why, but I always get sad whenever I go somewhere to visit and have to go home, or when someone comes to visit and leaves.  This weekend was Mike's 7th birthday (he's a leap year baby), and Brett and Mike's friend Shane's birthday.  So Brett's brother Travis came to the island for a few days to celebrate.  He showed up on Friday, we all hung out at Mike's but Brett and I left early cause I was tired and Brett had to work at 9am the next morning.  Travis crashed at Mike's, as the night eventually got way more interesting when we left.  Saturday a bunch of us went crabbing, unfortunately I tagged along but just wasn't in the mood when we got to Sidney as I wasn't feeling so hot after all...then we all called it an early night as everyone was just pooped.  Today the boys had their road hockey game while I watched on and took pictures.  Afterwards, like a blur, it was home, nap, Brett and Travis' short visit at Mike's, Mickey D's, then off to the ferry to send Travis back to Vancouver.

Even though Brett and I have taken a trip to the ferries since my move here, tonight was still a funny felt like I was the one that was going back to Vancouver.  It felt like I was just visiting Brett for the weekend and that he was taking me to the ferries like he used to.  I used to completely dread that drive to the ferry terminal.  It always meant that my time with Brett was coming to an end 'til the next time.  The whole ride was a familiar trip down memory lane...everything from the drive to the pulling up to the terminal, to parking just in front of the entrance...the hugs good bye...

When Brett and I got home, it just felt weird to not have Travis there too.  Even though he was only here for not even 3 days, it felt like we had another day of craziness to look forward to.  Like the weekend wasn't over yet, and there was unfinished things to do.  A wave of nostalgia swept over me for some reason.  I can't explain why or what it was.

A lot of things have been running through my mind these past few days.  Almost to the point where I can't sleep cause I just can't seem to turn my brain off.  Maybe it's my hormones, maybe it's the transition that I'm going through...whatever it is, it's making me so emotional.  When Brett and I came home tonight, it felt like that saying...and then there were two...and in the end it was just me and Brett.  I liked that feeling, in the sense that I hope it's always me and Brett.  He's like my rock.  Someone that I can truly trust, and can depend on, someone to lean on during the times when I feel weak.

I don't know how the day managed to feel so long all of a sudden, but when Brett and I came off after dropping Travis off at the ferries, we decided to watch a movie.  When the movie ended, it was only 9:15pm.  It honestly felt like 1in the morning or something.  Brett was exhausted and sore from the weekend and from road hockey, so he curled up on my lap.  Being with him just calms me.  It's like time stands still.  I love him so much...and everything about him.  It's love that pulls at my heartstrings and makes me smile...sometimes I can't breath and my heart physically hurts when I think about him.  I never knew about unconditional love, until I met Brett. 

I love how when he eats, while he's chewing he'll shake his knife.  I love how when he's on the computer or watching TV I can see his hand drift over to his crotch, and he'll play with his dink like a little boy.  I love watching him cook, and how when he's chopping food he gets the most serious look on his face.  I love watching him sleep, he has the most angelic look on his face and like he's so completely at peace.  I love it when in his sleep he'll reach for me, and when he does find me next to him in bed he'll scoop his arm over me and drag me closer to him.  I love how he wants to hold my hand when we watch movies.  I love how we have so many inside jokes and secrets.  I love how cuddly and loving he is.  I love how he catches my eye either from across the table, across the room, and we'll just stare at each other...I even love his little habits, like leaving change all over the place, packages of gum with only 1 piece left in them on the tables, and how he can never find his work car keys.

I love everything about Brett.

While he was curled up in my lap, for some reason a feeling of panic came over me.  I can't really say what it was about, all of a sudden my mind went crazy and I had this feeling of helplessness come over me.  I broke the silence and asked Brett, what's going to happen?  I didn't even have to explain myself.  Brett just knew what I meant, it's like he was reading my mind.  He simply said, it's all going to work out.  And for some reason, I immediately felt calm, felt better.  But tears did well up my eyes...from the feeling of how in sync Brett and I were with each other.  How he always knows how to make me feel better and how to put me at ease.

When Brett sat up, the way the light from the computer screen hit his tired face, but lit up his beautiful eyes, I felt like I was just looking at him for the first time and like I was falling in love all over again.  I couldn't breath and butterflies had made their way into my stomach.  I know things will work out.  They just have to.  Like Brett said, we love each other too much for things to not work out.  I mean, our soon to be baby was made from pure love, as cheesy as that sounds.  As Travis commented this weekend about our computer area, there's too much love going on here...all I know is that Brett and I have to be together...we were meant to be together.  Everything and all signs just point to yes.  We work so well together.  I've been wrong about so many things in my life, I know that I can't be wrong about this.

I still don't know why I have this massive feeling of nostalgia over me, or why I feel so....sad?  Maybe it's cause the future is just so unknown to me at the moment.  Everything just feels so disheveled, from my job to where we're going to live, to how are we going to afford having a baby in our lives, to how this whole baby thing is going to work out, and most importantly, will Brett and I work out?

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Trixie FireCracker
03 January 2008 @ 10:46 am
I had the most disturbing dream last night...if you can call it a dream that is. 

I can't remember majority of the dream, but what I do remember has been bugging me since I woke up this morning.  It still bugs me.  The dream was about Brett...and how I caught him in bed - my bed!! - with another girl.  A blonde...not just any blonde, there was a certain blonde...his ex-wife!!!  I still can't believe it.  I remember in my dream walking through the doorway and seeing a naked Brett with his ex-wife.  I remember some parts of the dream where I try to win Brett back.  But that's all I can remember.

Then, this morning as I go onto my computer, I see that Brett has logged into MSN.  And who just happens to be online on his MSN??  Yeah, that's right, his ex-wife!!!  Why hasn't he deleted her??  Why can't he just delete her???
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Trixie FireCracker
04 December 2007 @ 05:56 pm
Well kids, I am finally in Victoria!!  The move went well...almost too well.  It went so smoothly that not only am I surprised, but so is Brett and the people that helped me to load and unload the moving truck.  This weekend has been a whirlwind of just go-go-go!!  The only time I got to relax was Thursday during my hair appointment, Friday when Brett arrived in Van to help me take apart furniture, and whenever I was on the ferry.  I still can't believe that I managed to get my entire apartment packed up and ready to go by Thursday.  I didn't think I could do it, and really didn't think it was possible.

Saturday morning, I was so beyond stressed out, I'm surprised that I didn't develop an ulcer or something.  Saturday morning started out at 7am.  Brett and I had arrived at the truck rental place 5 minutes after 8am, and there was already a line up!!  Brett didn't believe me when I told him there would be.  But luckily he had over-estimated on when we would get the truck back to my apartment, and so we arrived back 10 minutes before 9am.  With the help of Travis, Caroline, and Yammers, Brett and I managed to load up the moving truck in an hour!!!  We thought it would take like, 4 hours!!  We were so ahead of schedule that we managed to take everyone out for brekkie, and catch the 1pm ferry instead of the 3pm one!  Unfortunately that meant that one of the reservations that I had made for the ferry went to waste.  $20 down the drain.

It had started snowing when Brett and I got the truck back to my apartment, and by the time we got to Tsawwassen, there was a blizzard happening!!!  I was so stressed that we wouldn't be able to ge to Victoria due to how windy it was.  And if we were able to get to Victoria, I was stressin' that we wouldn't be able to catch a ferry back cause I figure if the wind kept up to the blizzard-like state that it was in, all the sailings would get cancelled.  I definitely lucked out.  Brett and I were so ahead of our schedule, that when we got to our new place, it took Brett, Robyn, James, and me an hour to unload the truck!!  We could've taken the 7pm ferry back to Vancouver, but decided to take a load off and actually use one of the resevations that I had made and just go back to Van on the 9pm ferry.  Yet, cause of the weather, the ferries were waaaay behind schedule, and we didn't get to board the ferry 'til almost 10pm!!

Sunday was a little bit of relaxation.  Then it was the Spice Girls' concert.  I'm still kicking myself in the ass for forgetting to bring my glasses to the concert.  So it was all blurry for me.  Monday morning Brett and I had to wake up early so that we can take the 11am ferry back to Victoria.  We both felt so gross, so tired, and just wanted to go home.  Yet, even when we do get home, there's still a lot of work to be done still.  The hell that is unpacking.  

So Brett and I had spent our first night in our place last night.  I still feel like I'm just visiting, it hasn't hit me yet that I actually live here.  It hit Brett that he has moved on from the Denman Farms this morning during his drive to work.  I don't think it'll hit me 'til I either start work up again, or after Christmas when I have to get back to Victoria and not Vancouver.

I guess we'll see....
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